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Rolfing in Dallas and other cities is an increasingly popular holistic medical treatment that aims to reduce the pain caused by being misaligned with gravity. Constant pressure and overuse causes parts of the body to cease working as a unified whole; the tissue manipulation offered by rolfing seeks to correct this.

Fans of physical activity, whether professional or amateur, have benefited by getting rolfing for athletic performance. The treatment reduces the pain sometimes caused by strenuous athletics. Others have been helped after getting rolfing for surgical rehab.

Rolfing for joint pain offers a solution for this common problem, one that addresses the core issue of interaction between the muscles and the bones. People are even getting rolfing for acid reflux, and finding it an effective treatment. It’s also possible to get rolfing for scar tissue and adhesions, furthering the healing process after injury and surgery.

You can learn more about getting quality rolfing in Dallas by going to the offices of Richard Merbler.